Massive die off of #ShellFish along 7km coast, ‘worry fishermen’ in #LaUnión, #ElSalvador

17.11.2019 Dead Shell Fish in El Salvador

Photo EDH / Insy Mendoza

The fishermen state that it is the first time that there is massive death of mussels, clams, cúriles and the so-called donkey hooves.

The artisanal fishermen of the coastal communities of the municipalities of La Unión and Conchagua are alarmed at the massive death of mollusks .

The fact, which began about ten days ago and has been increasing, has caused estimated losses of more than $ 25,000 for those who live from the commercialization of these marine products.

This is the first time that a mass death of mollusks has occurred on the coast, said the residents of the Huisquil canton of Conchagua.

Those affected estimate the death of more than one million mollusks scattered over an area of ​​approximately seven kilometers of coasts in the department of La Unión.

The fishermen said that, after the appearance of millions of clams, mussels, curiles and dead donkey hulls, they perceived a strong smell of fuel, in addition to water with mixtures of fat.

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