Hundreds of TONS of fish die suddenly in fish farms in Lampung, Indonesia #fish #Lampung #Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

The death of hundreds of tons of fish in a cage in Way Rarem, Abung Pekurun Subdistrict, North Lampung makes the farmers lose money.

Thousands of fish have died for three consecutive days, from Wednesday (1/1/2020) to Friday (1/3/2020).

Inca, a fish farmer in Way Rarem, said that at present there are no more dead fish in their cages.

“Fish die three days in a row, starting Wednesday (1/1/2020) until Friday (1/3/2020),” said the Inca, Sunday (1/5/2020).

Inca said the sudden fish death caused far greater losses than in 2017.

At that time, the Inca claimed that only fish in their cages had died, while this year almost all breeders had experienced it.

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