Coronavirus WARTIME LOCKDOWN: Chinese cities in emergency mode – banned from leaving homes #coronavirus #nCoV2019 #COVID19 #wuhan #Hubei #Shiyan #china #emergency #epidemic #lockdown

Coronavirus Alert

CHINA has been plunged into further chaos from coronavirus after districts in major cities introduced “wartime” lockdowns, banning all people from leaving their homes.

Officials in a district in the central Hubei city of Shiyan have introduced “wartime measures”, banning anyone not directly involved in the crisis from leaving their homes. Buildings and residential areas in the district have been closed off, with security carrying out 24-hour monitoring. Those found to be breaking gather rules will be “detained without exception”.

A Government notice reads: “Residents without prior approval are forbidden from leaving their home, building or residential compound.”

This order will be in place for the next 14 days, according to a report from China’s state-run Global Times newspaper.

The emergency move has come after 137 cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) were reported in the area – the second highest number in the city.

As of Wednesday, a total of 562 cases were reported there.

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