‘WE’RE IN HELL’ Dad’s agony as 8-month-old baby son becomes youngest Brit with suspected coronavirus after being treated by infected GP #nCoV2019 #COVID-19 #coronavirus #uk #wuhan #china #Brighton #Sussex #emergency #epidemic #baby

Coronavirus Alert

A BABY boy has become the youngest Brit with suspected coronavirus as his petrified dad revealed “we’re in hell”.

The eight-month-old tot and his mum have been put into quarantine in their own home after they both came into contact with an infected GP.

His dad, who did not wish to be named, said his son had “all the coronavirus symptoms” and feared his four-year-old daughter has also caught the deadly bug in Worthing, West Sussex.

He told the Telegraph: “We’re in hell, completely petrified. My ex-partner keeps breaking down in tears.

“We’re staying in the house and giving the kids Calpol and paracetamol, but nothing’s working.

“My little boy has haemophilia and a lung condition, so he’s already poorly.”

Courtesy of thesun.co.uk



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