London coronavirus: Capital ‘could host 2020 Olympics’ due to Tokyo infection fears #nCoV2019 #COVID19 #Coronavirus #Olympics #Tokyo #Japan #Wuhan #China #London #UK


This year’s Olympics could be hosted right here in London after fears coronavirus might force Tokyo 2020 to be moved, according to the city’s mayoral candidates.

The global sporting event, which is held every four years, is meant to be hosted by Japan this year but comparable events across Asia are being cancelled over fears they will force help spread the deadly virus.

Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey told CityAM: “Given the ongoing disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak, I urge the Olympic Committee to seriously consider how London could stand ready to host the Olympics should the need arise.

“We have the infrastructure and the experience, and if I am elected I will make sure London is ready to host the biggest sporting celebration again, if we are called on in an hour of need.”

In agreement, Mayor Sadiq Khan also told the paper that London will “step up” if needed.

A spokesperson for the paper said: “Everyone is working towards what will be a fantastic Tokyo Games. In the unlikely event that it be required, London, as it has done throughout history, will do its best to step up to the plate.”

The death toll for the virus has now risen above 2,000 globally but all but six have been in China, where the infection started, and none of these have happened in Britain.

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