Coronavirus: Four children catch virus after teacher falls ill at nursery school in Heinsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #COVID19 #coronavirus #Heinsberg #NRW #Germany

Coronavirus Alert

FOUR children have contracted coronavirus at a nursery school in Germany after their teacher became unwell with the virus.

The children all go to a nursery in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in the district of Heinsberg.

A woman there with Covid-19 works as an educator and it is believed she passed on the virus.

A spokeswoman claimed the children showed “at most mild cold symptoms”.

RTL West tweeted: “Four children in #NRW have been infected with the #Coronavirus virus.

“They go to the day care center in the #Heinsberg, district #Heinsberg, where a sick woman works as a teacher. This was announced by the district of Heinsberg.

“The children are doing well.”

A total of 114 children attend the day care center in NRW.

Around 100 boys and girls took the test, with just four testing positive for coronavirus.

Almost 40 cases of the virus in NRW relate to the Heinsberg district.

In Bonn, a primary school has shut for two weeks after an employee became infected with the virus.

He heard the test results on Saturday and parents are now being called.

Around 185 children at the school have now ben put into quarantine and are being tested for the virus.

It is believed the employee had been celebrating Carnival in Gangelt.

Medical Director of the Bonn University Hospital Wolfgang Holzgreve said the 23-year-old only shows mild symptoms.

The man is currently in quarantine at home.

German authorities believe all known infected people in NRW had contact with an infected couple from Gangelt.

They are being treated at the University Clinic in Düsseldorf.

The 47-year old husband’s condition is still serious, but experts believe the newly infected are doing comparitively well.

Head of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine at the University Medical Center Hamburg Marylyn Addo said: “Until a few weeks ago, we only had a few isolated cases that could be contained relatively quickly.

“In this respect, this is a more dynamic event that goes beyond individual cases.”

She added the caution is relatively low grade at the moment as most of the chains of the disease can be traced.

Ms Addo said the situation is still well under control at the moment.

She claimed: “We don’t know where we will be in two months.”

People in Heinsberg have been advised to go into quarantine at home if they have had direct contact with an infected person.

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