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Five more people have tested positive for coronavirus in Northern Ireland. The new cases bring the UK total to 278 #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #NorthernIreland #quarantine #epidemic

Coronavirus Breaking News

Five more people have tested positive for coronavirus in Northern Ireland, the Department of Health said.

The new cases bring the UK total to 278.

A statement on the website said: “Testing of patients in Northern Ireland has resulted in five new presumptive positive results for coronavirus (Covid-19) bringing the total to 12 since testing began.

“Contact tracing from these five cases is being conducted by Public Health Agency staff.

“A more detailed update will be provided on the situation tomorrow, when this contact tracing work is at a more advanced stage.”

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A healthcare worker at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHSFT) has tested positive for coronavirus #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #Southampton #NHS #quarantine #epidemic

New Coronavirus Case

A healthcare worker at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHSFT) has tested positive for coronavirus.

The surgical high dependency unit, where the person worked a single nightshift on Friday, has been temporarily closed to new admissions as a result.

The worker is self-isolating at home.

A statement on the UHSFT’s website said: “The small number of patients and staff who came into close contact with this individual have been informed and will be appropriately isolated.

“The surgical high dependency unit is temporarily closed to new admissions. Any patient affected by the temporary closure will be contacted directly.

“The trust is following Public Health England and NHS guidance in respect of the virus and all other services are operating normally.

“Patients and staff should continue to attend appointments normally and come into work unless advised not to.”

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Mass die off of fish in a lake in Manuel Irala Fernández, Paraguay #fish #Manuel IralaFernández #Paraguay

Fish Kill Alert

The fish appeared dead about 15 days ago in the settlement located a few meters from the Municipality of Irala Fernández.

The neighbors cleaned the reservoir, gathered and removed the fish from the water and then buried them in another place.

The strange event keeps residents and local authorities expectant, since they do not know the cause and there is a fear that it may be a water pollution .

Garcia said that the same situation would occur in another neighborhood, where there is a tajamar on private land.

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Hundreds of birds dead due to avian botulism in Firth of Thames, New Zealand #birds #AvianBotulism #NewZealand

Bird Alert

Hundreds of dead birds are suspected to have been killed by an avian botulism outbreak near the Firth of Thames.

Fish and Game Auckland/Waikato southern game bird manager David Klee said they’d been informed on Wednesday about large amounts of dead birds being found alongside a drain near Waitakaruru.

To prevent the outbreak from spreading, Klee put an urgent call out for volunteers in the area and along with several other agencies conducted a mass clean-up operation on Friday, closing the nearby rail trail for the day.

The team of about 30 people collected about 800 dead birds across a 15km stretch, and managed to rescue six that were taken to NZ Bird Rescue in Green Bay.

“We’ve had some outbreaks in the wider area in the past but not in this drain, and it looks to be a pretty bad one.

“Those were just the birds we could find, but there are likely to have been a lot more killed as the outbreak might have been going for about three to four weeks, and we were just picking up what the scavengers have left.”

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292 dead turtles found on beaches, ‘due to red tide’ in Mexico #turtles #RedTide #Mexico

(Image for representation/Reuters)

Photo Credit: Reuters

Close to 300 rare green turtles have been found dead on the beaches of southern Mexico, killed by a red tide of microalgae caused in part by climate change, authorities said.

The algae feeds tiny fish called salp that are toxic to turtles. It reached the shores of Oaxaca state a little over two weeks ago, the Federal Attorney’s Office for Environmental Protection said on Thursday.

A total of 292 turtles were found dead, it said, adding that 27 were saved and will be nursed back to health before being released back into the wild.

The animals are endangered green turtles, which can grow up to 1.5 metres (5 feet) long. They nest all along the Mexican coast as well as elsewhere around the world, including off the shores of Hawaii and Australia.

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Dozens of wild birds found dead, ‘reason unknown’, in Kuban, Russia

Bird Alert

In the center of Anapa, corpses of rooks were found, and in the Timashevsky district dozens of dead doves were found in the fields.

Anapa residents shot footage showing that dead birds are on the lawn near one of the health resorts on Pioneer Avenue. Some of them are still alive, but they have no eyes.

Users of the social networks where the video was published put forward versions of what happened. They suggest that the rooks died due to a dangerous infection, but this version was disproved by veterinarians.

“On the territory of Anapa, eight corpses of rooks were discovered. Veterinary specialists performed an autopsy and sampling for laboratory tests. According to the results of the autopsy, signs of the disease, common to humans and animals, have not been established. Samples for research were sent to GBU “Kropotkinsk regional veterinary laboratory”, – said the Anapa Veterinary Department.

The rest of the dead birds were taken out and destroyed. A similar case of mass death was recorded in another region of the region – in Timashevsky. Residents of the Leninsky farm found pigeons in a forest belt near agricultural fields. The number of dead birds exceeded several dozen.

“We seized all the flocks of birds and burned them. The place was covered with bleach. They buried everyone to a depth of 2.5 m. Volunteers, hunters and local men helped us, ”said Elena Gritsenko, deputy head of the Novoleninsky rural settlement.

In addition to dead pigeons, dead sparrows are still found in place. Local residents do not exclude that the birds were poisoned with poison, which is used to control rodents in the fields. Dead birds and wheat samples were sent to the laboratory for research. The results are not yet known.

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Thousands of dead fish wash up on beach in Landes, France #fish #Landes #France

Fish Kill Alert

“The whole beach was covered with small fish with their mouths wide open as if they were screaming. There were about 2000 on 4 kilometers of beach, up to Vieux-Boucau” says Karine Warkentin.

This German woman walks every day on this Messanges beach with her three dogs.

” I have been coming here for 30 years for three months and I have never seen anything like it. I was really shocked . “

Nearly 2,000 dead fish stranded on 4 kilometers of beach in the Landes

It is indeed unusual to find such a quantity of discarded fish in the same place.

“This is the first time that we have been confronted with this problem ” admits Georges Cingal, the president of Sepanso des Landes . ” It’s maddening”.

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Thousands of dead fish wash up in the La Viña dike in Traslasierra, Argentina #fish #Traslasierra #Argentina

Fish Kill Alert

The prevailing high temperatures would be the cause of the appearance of thousands of dead fish on the coast of the La Viña dike in Traslasierra.

Although some media attributed to an attack with carbide bombs, specialists indicated that the same happened in several levees in the province.

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Hundreds of dead fish found in a dam in Pénjamo, Mexico #fish #dam #Pénjamo #Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of fish died in the waters of the El Pochote community dam in Pénjamo. It is the second phenomenon that is recorded in the town in less than a month, the first event occurred in the Lerma River , between La Piedad Michoacán and the Penjamense communities of Santa Ana Pacueco and Cuatro Milpas .

Dead animals decompose in the open and generate rotten odors. Inhabitants of the place said that the problem began since last Friday and ask for the intervention of the authorities to establish the causes.

El Pochote is a Penjamense town that is located 2 kilometers from the municipal capital, has just under 500 inhabitants. In the town there is a small dam with a territorial extension of approximately 4 hectares, in this site the death of fish was recorded due to unknown causes.

Alberto Segura, a local resident, reported that on Friday the dead fish woke up floating on the banks of the reservoir. These are young mojarras, a size no larger than 15 centimeters long; Dead animals on water have attracted some scavenger species such as seagulls.

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Hundreds of thousands of birds killed due to Newcastle Disease and Bird Flu in Dominican Republic #birds #NewcastleDisease #BirdFlu #Dominican

Bird Flu

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has registered four cases of “Newcastle” disease and another 12 cases of H5N2 Avian Influenza, of low pathogenicity, as notified by the Dominican authorities in two separate reports to the international organization and in which explains the measures that are being implemented to attack the problem that has affected more than 180,400 broilers and fighting birds (fighting roosters) only for the virus known in the country as “distemper.”

Due to the mildly pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N2, the General Directorate of Livestock (Digega), of the Ministry of Agriculture, registered in the OIE 12 cases, which were reported in December 2019, in which summary it indicates the death of 13,848 laying hens, chicks and broilers for this virus.

The report by Dr. Nimia Lissette Gómez Rodríguez, director of Animal Health, Digega, explains that the Newcastle virus that has been affecting poultry farming in the Dominican Republic is being controlled with several measures that include quarantine, surveillance, destruction at the source, vaccination, disinfection, among others, which also apply in the case of influenza infection.

Both the Newcastle virus and the mildly pathogenic influenza virus, present in several areas of the country, offer no danger to humans.

In the four outbreaks, notified as resolved by the country before the OIE, are found in Peravia, Paya, Baní, where 13,191 birds susceptible to the disease were registered, of which 6,809 were notified dead and 6,382 as already eliminated.

The second focus was identified and resolved in San Cristóbal, with 17,000 susceptible birds, of which 10,936 are recorded dead and 6,064 slaughtered.

The third occurred in Santiago, Villa González, affecting fighting birds and where they were all killed. The fourth and last focus occurred in Peravia, Cañafistol, with 149,966 susceptible cases, of which 45,455 were killed and the remaining 104,511 were killed.

The cases that affected a total of 180,407 birds, mostly broilers, involved measures of bird slaughter and outbreak vaccination. According to the report, 180,407 birds were affected by Newcastle, of which 169,177 cases were detected, of which 63,350 have been killed, 110,893 have been killed and eliminated and 6,064 have been slaughtered.

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