Dozens of wild birds found dead, ‘reason unknown’, in Kuban, Russia

Bird Alert

In the center of Anapa, corpses of rooks were found, and in the Timashevsky district dozens of dead doves were found in the fields.

Anapa residents shot footage showing that dead birds are on the lawn near one of the health resorts on Pioneer Avenue. Some of them are still alive, but they have no eyes.

Users of the social networks where the video was published put forward versions of what happened. They suggest that the rooks died due to a dangerous infection, but this version was disproved by veterinarians.

“On the territory of Anapa, eight corpses of rooks were discovered. Veterinary specialists performed an autopsy and sampling for laboratory tests. According to the results of the autopsy, signs of the disease, common to humans and animals, have not been established. Samples for research were sent to GBU “Kropotkinsk regional veterinary laboratory”, – said the Anapa Veterinary Department.

The rest of the dead birds were taken out and destroyed. A similar case of mass death was recorded in another region of the region – in Timashevsky. Residents of the Leninsky farm found pigeons in a forest belt near agricultural fields. The number of dead birds exceeded several dozen.

“We seized all the flocks of birds and burned them. The place was covered with bleach. They buried everyone to a depth of 2.5 m. Volunteers, hunters and local men helped us, ”said Elena Gritsenko, deputy head of the Novoleninsky rural settlement.

In addition to dead pigeons, dead sparrows are still found in place. Local residents do not exclude that the birds were poisoned with poison, which is used to control rodents in the fields. Dead birds and wheat samples were sent to the laboratory for research. The results are not yet known.

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