Naomi Campbell wears a hazmat suit to catch a flight amid coronavirus outbreak #COVID19 #coronavirus #USA #LAX #NaomiCampbell HazmatSuit #epidemic

Taking no chances: Campbell wore a full hazmat outfit for the flight (@naomi)

Naomi Campbell has been spotted wearing a wearing a full hazmat suit to board a plane as a precautionary measure amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The supermodel uploaded photos of herself to Instagram with the caption “Safety First NEXT LEVEL” and promised fans that a “full video” would be “coming on my YouTube soon.”

She was pictured in a white hazmat suit, goggles, a blue face mask and pink plastic gloves.

One shot showed her posing with a carry-on suitcase at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal while another saw the fashion legend don a camel jacket over her ensemble.

She also posted another of her peering out of a car, also captioning it: “Safety first.”

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs commented: “Next level safety. I’d expect nothing less from you my dear @naomi #chosenfamily.”

Meanwhile rapper Azealia Banks shared her hopes that Campbell was not using an “airplane blanket” as “those don’t get washed thoroughly.”

Fans also praised her in the comments, saying they were “living for this safety look” and branding Campbell their “idol.”

While Campbell’s measures may seem a little extreme, the model is a self-confessed germaphobe, so her outfit could be considered a minor (but essential) step up from her usual in flight attire.

She famously posted a YouTube video last year using disinfectant wipes to clean her first class seat on a plane and told fans that she does this “no matter what plane you take, private or commercial.”

She has also shared several photos on social media posing with Dettol wipes and another of her striking a pose in her gloves.

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