Canada’s Trudeau SELF-ISOLATES after wife displays ‘flu-like symptoms’ & gets tested for COVID-19 #COVID19 #coronavirus #Canada #Trudeau #pandemic #quarantine

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is self-isolating out of an “abundance of caution” after his wife began exhibiting flu-like symptoms upon returning from a recent trip to the UK, and will get tested for Covid-19.
In a statement released Thursday, Trudeau’s office said his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau began showing mild symptoms, including a low fever, on Wednesday night.

Trudeau’s wife “immediately sought medical advice,” her symptoms have since “subsided” and she is currently awaiting her test results, the statement said.

Trudeau himself was advised by his doctor to continue his daily activities while monitoring for any symptoms, but the PM said he chose to exercise caution, self-isolate and work from home instead — until his wife’s results come back.

Due the those developments, Trudeau’s office said the next in-person First Ministers Meeting would be postponed, but that the PM would speak with his ministers via phone to discuss approaches to limit the spread of coronavirus in Canada.

Canada reported its first death from COVID-19 on Monday afternoon. There are currently 139 confirmed cases of the virus across Canada.

Trudeau warned last week against countries making “knee-jerk” reactions to the coronavirus crisis. On Thursday, a spokesperson for his office said Canada would not comment on other countries’ approaches to the situation after the Trump administration implemented a ban on travel from Europe to the US.

Canada itself has not implemented similar travel restrictions.

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