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Doctor warns of ‘carnage and chaos’ as UK hospitals prepare for coronavirus #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #NHS #pandemic #quarantine


Coronavirus can remain in the air for up to three hours and can last a day on cardboard #COVID19 #coronavirus #GlobalEmergency #pandemic #quarantine

Coronavirus Alert

COVID-19 can remain in the air and on surfaces for several hours, indicating it can be caught through the air and by touching contaminated surfaces, study finds.

The coronavirus can survive in the air and on surfaces for several hours – suggesting people can contract the deadly virus through the air and by touching contaminated surfaces.

Scientists found that COVID-19, known in medical circles as SARS-CoV-2) was present in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and between two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

While the virus remained in the air for up to three hours, it became less infectious overtime.

It was more robust on plastic and stainless steel than on copper and cardboard, with the virus being detected up to 72 hours after it was applied to the surfaces.

The findings, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, were made by the National Institutes of Health, CDC, UCLA and Princeton University scientists.

Meanwhile Leo Varadkar, an Irish Gael politician, praised the efforts of healthworkers. He said: “I am so proud of all of them. Not all superheroes wear capes – some wear scrubs and gowns.

“All of our healthcare workers need us to do the right thing in the weeks ahead.

“Our community services and hospitals are being tooled up.

“Essential equipment is on the way. Retired staff are returning to service. People are training for changed roles.”

And Britain’s prime minister Boris Johnson said that if the UK follows scientific advice, it will beat the coronavirus which has so far claimed 71 lives in the UK with number expected to rise into the hundreds in the coming weeks.

In other news, the Government has been urged to ensure pregnant women do not lose out on maternity leave due to the coronavirus.

The SNP’s economy spokeswoman Alison Thewliss called for the Government to “back” pregnant women, many of whom have been asked to take their maternity leave early which will affect how long they can have off.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said he will “reflect” on the matter with Work and Pensions Secretary Theresa Coffey.

Ms Thewliss said: “I want to ask the Chancellor what protection is being given to pregnant women around maternity entitlement because lots of women have been asked to take their maternity leave early, which will then affect how long they can stay off at the end of that.

“They need to know that the Government will back them on that as well and that they will not lose out on maternity leave due to the coronavirus.”

He added: “I welcome her question on maternity pay which I will go away and talk to my right honourable friend the work and pensions secretary about and reflect on that.”

Responding to Mr Sunak’s statement on the Government’s financial proposals to aid businesses in the wake of coronavirus, many MPs also stressed the need for greater support for renters.

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MAGNITUDE 5.8 SAMOA ISLANDS REGION #earthquake #SamoaIslands

Subject to change

Depth: 9 km

Distances: 250 km S of Apia, Samoa / pop: 40,500 / local time: 06:06:22.7 2020-03-18

231 km S of Matavai, Samoa / pop: 1,400 / local time: 06:06:22.7 2020-03-18

Global view Regional view

MAGNITUDE 5.6 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE #earthquake #chile

Subject to change

Depth: 34 km

Distances: 378 km SW of Santiago, Chile / pop: 4,838,000 / local time: 05:12:02.8 2020-03-17

73 km N of Concepción, Chile / pop: 216,000 / local time: 05:12:02.8 2020-03-17
52 km N of Tomé, Chile / pop: 46,700 / local time: 05:12:02.8 2020-03-17

Global view Regional view

YELLOWSTONE  MAGNITUDE 2.7 WESTERN MONTANA, USA #earthquake #montana #usa #yellowstone

Subject to change

Depth: 3 km

Distances: 624 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,020,000 / local time: 19:17:29.6 2020-03-16

106 km S of Helena, United States / pop: 28,200 / local time: 19:17:29.6 2020-03-16
45 km W of Bozeman, United States / pop: 37,300 / local time: 19:17:29.6 2020-03-16
24 km S of Three Forks, United States / pop: 1,900 / local time: 19:17:29.6 2020-03-16

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Coronavirus deaths in Britain hit 71 with 45-year-old youngest killed – and 55k ‘likely infected’ #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #pandemic #quarantine

Coronavirus Alert_2

CORONAVIRUS deaths in Britain today hit 71 with a 45-year-old the youngest killed – amid fears 55,000 may have the deadly bug.

Health authorities confirmed a shocking 14 more deaths in England over the past 24 hours, with Scotland and Wales also recording two more tragic fatalities.

Shockingly, the youngest patient was revealed to be 45-years-old, while other new coronavirus victims including a 93-year-old with underlying health conditions.

The current death toll now stands at 71 – with half of England’s fatalities reported today in London alone.

Coronavirus cases exploded by 407 to 1,950 today – a chilling 26 per cent jump in what is the biggest daily increase yet.

It comes as the Government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance issued a stark warning that 55,000 may be infected.

Last night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a string of drastic measures to tackle the virus – telling Brits to work from home and to avoid all non-essential contact.

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