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Coronavirus: Child tests positive at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, USA #COVID19 #coronavirus #USA #LosAngeles #pandemic #quarantine


Coronavirus: Fit-and-healthy gym-goer, 39, at Hillingdon Hospital, London #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #London #HillingdonHospital #pandemic #quarantine

Coronavirus Alert_2

A fit-and-healthy mother who struggled to breathe after being infected with coronavirus has issued a stark warning to fellow Britons to ‘not take any chances’.

Tara Jane Langston, 39, filmed herself with her phone in the intensive care unit at Hillingdon Hospital in west London pleading with others to take the deadly COVID-19 seriously.

She was rushed to hospital last Friday and tested positive for the virus on Sunday.

Gasping for breath and coughing, she made the harrowing video the following day and sent it as a Whatsapp message to her colleagues warning them to take care.

The shocking video, which has gone viral on social media, appears to show it is not just the elderly or those with underlying health conditions who are at risk.

The mother-of-two is now recovering from her ordeal after catching the virus, which has infected 2,695 people and killed 137 in Britain alone.

Speaking to the camera Ms Langston says: ‘I’m in the intensive care unit and I can’t breathe without this. They’ve had to sew that into my artery. I’ve got a cannula, another cannula and a catheter. I’m actually ten times better than what I was before. I’ve lost count of the days.

‘If anyone still smokes, put the cigarettes down because I’m telling you now you need your f***ing lungs and, please, none of you take any chances, I mean it, because if it gets really bad than you’re going to end up here.

‘My body is fighting this so once again don’t take any chances.’

Ms Langston, from north west London, who is now out of intensive care, was initially seen by doctors nearly 11 days ago when she started feeling unwell after a trip to Krakow in Poland with husband Richard and their two daughters.

She took a cab to Hillingdon Hospital where she was diagnosed with a chest infection and given antibiotics.

Her health, however, deteriorated throughout last week and she was rushed by ambulance back to hospital where she was this time diagnosed with pneumonia.

Ms Langston was then tested for the coronavirus and the results came back positive on Sunday, prompting her to be rushed into intensive care.

Her husband Richard, 34, told MailOnline: ‘She first complained of feeling unwell two Sundays ago.

‘She said she had stabbing pains in her back and lungs which was making it difficult for her to breathe. We called the hospital, which laid on a taxi for her and she was treated and diagnosed with a chest infection and given some antibiotics.

‘She wasn’t swabbed at that point because we’d not been to any at risk country or come into contact with anyone who had the virus.

‘But throughout last week she wasn’t getting any better, in fact if anything she’d worsened and was shaking and shivering despite taking paracetamol and Ibuprofen.

‘On Friday it got really bad and we were obviously worried it could be the coronavirus so called an ambulance. Tara was taken back to Hillingdon and this time the medics thought she might have pneumonia but they also tested her for coronavirus.

‘The treatment she’d been given for pneumonia didn’t seem to be working over the weekend and on Sunday her coronavirus test results came back as positive.

‘She was rushed straight into intensive care and at one point we thought she might have to be sedated and go on a ventilator but fortunately she was strong enough for that not to happen.

‘But she was still very poorly. She wanted to make it clear for others that it isn’t just the elderly who are at risk from this virus which is why she made that video.

‘Originally it was sent only to her work colleagues but it’s now gone viral on Twitter and Facebook.

‘Tara goes to the gym all the time and has no underlying health conditions. She made the point of addressing people who smoke because she knows how much you need your lungs if you get this virus.

‘She was struggling as someone who is a non-smoker and healthy and so was keen to point out how much worse it would be for a smoker.

‘We don’t know how she contracted coronavirus. We returned from a trip to Krakow in Poland on February 26 and had gone to Auschwitz where there were people from all over the world.

‘But she could have possibly have got it from going to the gym. She’s out of intensive care now and is making good progress. We just want her back at home.’

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MAGNITUDE 3.1 ICELAND REGION #earthquake #Iceland

Subject to change

Depth: 3 km

Distances: 41 km SW of Reykjavík, Iceland / pop: 114,000 / local time: 17:56:43.0 2020-03-19

15 km S of Keflavík, Iceland / pop: 8,000 / local time: 17:56:43.0 2020-03-19
4 km NW of Grindavík, Iceland / pop: 2,600 / local time: 17:56:43.0 2020-03-19

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MAGNITUDE 5.0 EASTERN TURKEY #earthquake #Turkey

Subject to change

Depth: 21 km

Distances: 209 km NE of Gaziantep, Turkey / pop: 1,066,000 / local time: 20:53:32.2 2020-03-19

33 km SW of Elazığ, Turkey / pop: 299,000 / local time: 20:53:32.2 2020-03-19
12 km N of Doğanyol, Turkey / pop: 6,400 / local time: 20:53:32.2 2020-03-19

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Coronavirus deaths in the UK rise to 144 as 3,269 test positive for COVID-19 #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #pandemic #quarantine

Coronavirus Breaking News

The number of people who have died after contracting coronavirus in the UK has risen to 144 – as the number of confirmed cases rose 643 to 3,269, according to the Department of Health.

It comes after NHS England confirmed 29 more people had died in England in the past 24 hours, taking the number to 128.

The latest deaths were people between 47 and 96 years old and all had underlying health conditions.

London’s death toll went up 16 and now stands at 52.

Earlier, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said three people in Scotland had died there in the past 24 hours after testing positive for coronavirus.

She said her country’s death toll had doubled to six as she addressed MSPs in Holyrood.

The total number of people in Scotland who have contracted COVID-19 stands at 266 – a rise of 39 in 24 hours.

She said the figure was “likely to be an underestimate of the true prevalence of the infection”.

The number of cases in Wales has also increased, with 24 new confirmed cases bringing its total to 170.

Northern Ireland has a total of 77 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

On Thursday morning, the total number of cases across the UK stood at 2,689 but it is expected to change later today.

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Coronavirus: Number of COVID-19 deaths in Italy surpasses China as total reaches 3,405 #COVID19 #coronavirus #Italy #China #pandemic #quarantine

Coronavirus Breaking News

The number of coronavirus patients to have died in Italy is now higher than the recorded death toll in China – where the outbreak began.

Some 427 more people with COVID-19 have died in Italy, taking the total number of deaths to 3,405.

The number of confirmed coronavirus deaths in China is 3,245, while Wuhan – the city where the first case emerged – reported no new infections on Thursday.

Italy’s latest figure is a slight improvement on the day before, when there were 475 deaths.

China’s population is more than twenty times larger than Italy’s and its number of recorded cases is far higher – 80,907 compared with 41,035.

However, experts believe the total number of infections in Italy is significantly higher because testing is largely limited to
those arriving for hospital care.

A nurse at a Milan hospital, Daniela Confalonieri, said: “Unfortunately we can’t contain the situation in Lombardy.

“There’s a high level of contagion and we’re not even counting the dead anymore.”

The army has been called in in Bergamo, northeast of Milan, to help deal with the number of dead.

Italy has been on total lockdown since 9 March and on Thursday it was extended until further notice, instead of ending next month.

There have been more than 227,000 suspected and confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide and more than 9,300 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University, which is tracking the outbreak.

Experts have warned the peak of the spread of the virus there may not arrive until mid-April in the north, so far the country’s hardest hit area, and possibly later in other regions.

Health authorities have cited a variety of reasons for Italy’s high number of coronavirus deaths including its large population of elderly people.

Italy has the world’s second-oldest population and the vast majority of those who have died – 87% – were over 70.

Virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit said it could also be explained in part by the almost total breakdown of the health system in some areas.

“That’s what happens when the health system collapses,” he said.

During a visit to Milan, the head of a Chinese Red Cross delegation helping advise Italy said he was shocked to see so many people walking around, using public transportation and eating out.

Sun Shuopeng said Wuhan saw infections peak only after a month of a strictly enforced lockdown.

“Right now we need to stop all economic activity and we need to stop the mobility of people,” he said.

“All people should be staying at home in quarantine.”

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MAGNITUDE 3.2 ICELAND REGION #earthquake #Iceland

Subject to change

Depth: 3 km

Distances: 41 km SW of Reykjavík, Iceland / pop: 114,000 / local time: 16:53:16.0 2020-03-19

16 km S of Keflavík, Iceland / pop: 8,000 / local time: 16:53:16.0 2020-03-19
4 km NW of Grindavík, Iceland / pop: 2,600 / local time: 16:53:16.0 2020-03-19

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MAGNITUDE 4.0 ROMANIA #earthquake #Romania

Subject to change

Depth: 60 km

Distances: 106 km NW of Bucharest, Romania / pop: 1,878,000 / local time: 13:51:20.4 2020-03-19

34 km N of Târgovişte, Romania / pop: 88,500 / local time: 13:51:20.4 2020-03-19
4 km NW of Moroeni, Romania / pop: 5,100 / local time: 13:51:20.4 2020-03-19

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MAGNITUDE 3.0 ICELAND REGION #earthquake #Iceland

Subject to change

Depth: 5 km

Distances: 44 km SW of Reykjavík, Iceland / pop: 114,000 / local time: 03:42:39.0 2020-03-19

16 km S of Keflavík, Iceland / pop: 8,000 / local time: 03:42:39.0 2020-03-19
5 km NW of Grindavík, Iceland / pop: 2,600 / local time: 03:42:39.0 2020-03-19

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