Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in São Paulo, Brazil #fish #SãoPaulo #Brazil

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of fish of different species stranded on the coast of São Paulo, on the border between the municipalities of Mongaguá and Itanhaém (SP). Images obtained by G1 on Monday (13) show the animals killed in the trash and vegetation on the beach sand. The case was confirmed by the Biopesca Institute.

As found by G1 , the apparitions began to be registered on the morning of last Sunday (12). In one of the records, made by a resident who prefers not to identify himself, it is possible to see the dead animals, some of them already decomposing, while the bather walks along the sand strip.

According to the Biopesca Institute, the case is a massive stranding of fish from the Sciaenidae family , including hake and croakers. The animals appeared along the beach that marks the limit between the municipalities. The suspicion is that the animals were victims of pedestrian fishing.

According to veterinarian Rodrigo Valle, general coordinator of the institute, the fish were probably released after being discarded after being caught in trawl nets. The technique would be used to fish for shrimp.

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