Coronavirus: Great Ormond Street Hospital has 73 staff test positive and 318 off sick #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #GreatOrmondStreetHospital #London

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There are eight patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London with Covid-19 but nearly ten times as many staff have tested positive – and nearly one in 10 are self isolating

More than 300 members of staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) are reportedly unable to work because they, or someone in their household, has coronavirus symptoms.

And 73 members of staff have tested positive for the deadly bug, out of 181 who have been tested.

It’s claimed that social distancing in the hospital is ‘a fiction’ with concerns raised by University College London professor Anthony Costello about “the use of masks in non-clinical hospital areas”.

He claims that a source inside the famous children’s hospital said: “Nurses, doctors, admin, cleaners are expressly discouraged from wearing masks around the hospital.

“Is our cultural reluctance to wear masks an error? Staff will be happy to bring their own masks from the chemist if given permission.”

There was a nationwide run on masks when the coronavirus outbreak first threatened the UK.

Experts at the time said they did not help the spread of the virus – however that has since been discredited.

In China, Korea and other developed countries close to where the outbreak originated the wearing of masks in public is a societal norm.

During the Covid-19 outbreak GOSH has limited hospital visitors to one carer per family and it has to be the same carer per day.

Siblings have been barred from visiting.

The hospital employs more than 4,000 staff overall and deals with 268,000 patients a year.

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