39 TONS of fish die in a river in Dong Thap, Vietnam #fish #Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

High density of farmers, plus low water levels, weak currents lead to lack of oxygen leading to massive fish deaths on Cai Vung river, Dong Thap province.

Dong Thap Department of Animal Husbandry, Veterinary and Fisheries has just analyzed results of causes of dead fish in Cai Vung river.

According to the analysis results, fish died due to local hypoxia. Dissolved oxygen content in water (referred to as DO) where dead fish occurs is only 1.0 – 2 mg / l, while the required oxygen requirement according to DO> = 4 mg / l.

The cause of this situation is the water level on Cai Vung tributary, the section passing through water in Hong Ngu district is getting low, combined with weak flow, dense stocking density.

Courtesy of zingnews.vn




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