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Update @23:39 UTC: Coronavirus Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance Subject To Change: #coronavirus #COVID19 #pandemic #quarantine #GlobalEmergency #HealthEmergency

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Coronavirus: The UK has cancelled an order for thousands of ventilators #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #pandemic

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The UK has cancelled an order for thousands of units of a simple model of ventilator developed to treat Covid-19 because more sophisticated models are now needed, Reuters reports.

“We are no longer supporting the production of the BlueSky device following a reassessment of the product’s viability in light of the ever developing picture around what is needed to most effectively treat COVID-19,” said a spokesman for the Cabinet Office, which is coordinating ventilator orders.

“We are continuing to work at unprecedented speed with a number of other manufacturers to scale up UK production of ventilators.”

The government has appealed to industry to come forward with new models that could be produced on a large scale at short notice. Over 30,000 ventilators in total have been ordered from various firms from sectors including aerospace, engineering and Formula One.

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