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New study finds evidence of COVID-19 in China in October 2019 #Coronavirus #COVID19 #Pandemic #China


100+ bats found dead at Karassery in Kozhikode, India #Bats #Karassery #Kozhikode #India

Bat Alert

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A colony of bats were found dead at Kaarimoola in Karassery panchayat in Kozhikode district in the wake of the first bird flu case in the state since the 2016 outbreak in Alappuzha was confirmed in Kozhikode district. Over 100 bats were found dead near west Kodiyatur amidst bird flu being reported in Vengeri, west Kodiyatur among other places.

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86 dead dolphins found on a beach in Namibia #Dolphins #Namibia #Africa

Dolphin Alert

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Namibia said on Monday that 86 dusky dolphins, including two calves just days old, had been found dead on a remote beach and it had launched an investigation into what happened.

Marine biologist Kolette Grobler estimated that the mammals had been dead for about a week before they were found on Friday by commercial lobster fishermen at Hottentot Bay, some 40 km (25 miles) north of the southwestern coastal town of Luderitz. “.

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Hundreds of water birds found dead on Waikawa and Kuku beaches in New Zealand #Birds #NewZealand

Bird Alert

Investigations into what caused scores of seagulls to die on Horowhenua beaches continue, with poison suspected.

About 150 native, black backed gulls were found dead or dying across kilometres of sand on Waikawa and Kuku beaches on Friday.

Trustee and Ōtaki shelter manager for animal charity Huha, Claire Thornton, said a team of its staff raced down to the beaches on Friday after being alerted to the deaths by residents.

She said they found the trail of dead gulls spread north of Kuku Beach, towards Levin.

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137,180 birds killed due to bird flu in Vietnam #Birds #BirdFlu #Vietnam

Bird Flu

Vietnam has so far this year culled 137,180 birds to contain the spreading of bird flu outbreaks, the government said on Thursday.

The outbreaks, including 38 outbreaks of H5N6 and five outbreaks of H5N1, have been detected in 13 out of Vietnam’s 63 provinces this year, the government said in a statement.

All of the bird flu outbreaks have happened at farms where the birds have not been vaccinated, it said, adding that, in several provinces, only 10%-20% of the birds were vaccinated.

Vietnam has a poultry flock of 460 million, and small-sized bird flu outbreaks have not been uncommon in the country during the past five years.

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50 TONS of fish dead due to drought in Lake Metztitlán, Mexico #Fish #Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

José Luis Espinoza Silva , deputy of the Institutional Revolutionary Party ( PRI ) in Hidalgo, estimated that it was around 50 tons of dead fish that left the drought in the Metztitlán lagoon.

It was on the rostrum of the state congress where the legislator pointed out that until a few months ago the water managed to reach a depth of approximately 10 meters.

According to the inhabitants, for almost two years it has not rained in that area, so it could be one of the factors that has influenced the drought that ended up killing thousands of fish.

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Hundreds of dead fish wash up in El Liter lagoon in Quillon, Chile #Fish #Quillon #Chile

Fish Kill Alert

30 kilometers south of Quillón, hundreds of dead fish were found on the banks of the El Litre lagoon in the lake district.

The neighbor of the sector Adolfo Espinoza affirms that a week ago he confirmed the presence of some lifeless specimens, and that with the passing they increased the quantity.

“I don’t think it’s so nice to have a lagoon next to where the fish are dying, I don’t think people agree very much. Years ago the same thing happened too, ”he said.

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3,500 dead birds and hundreds of dead eels found in the waterways of Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand #Birds #eels #NewZealand

Bird Alert

More than 3500 birds and hundreds of eels have been found dead in waterways on the Hauraki Plains in the Coromandel.

Scientists and conservationists say the crisis is the worst they’ve seen in decades, and it’s putting two areas at risk that are regarded as internationally significant.

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Large die off of fish in the waterways of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan #Fish #Taiwan

Fish Kill Alert

Regarding the large number of dead fish in the Qianzhen River, the Environmental Protection Agency immediately dispatched personnel to the inspection at 9 am and found that a large amount of dead fish was deposited on the river surface of the Gaogong River closure station. All the residential areas along the route were inspected on site, and the pH value was 7.44, the water temperature was 25.9°C, and the conductivity was 960 μS/cm. The water quality was normal; however, the dissolved oxygen 0.94 mg/L was low. And, recently, the Fengshanxi Sewage Treatment Plant has reported that the wastewater is discharged into the river, which makes the river’s dissolved oxygen more scarce and causes the death of fish.

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600 dead vultures found, cause unknown, in Guinea-Bissau #Vultures #GuineaBissau #Africa

Bird Alert

A conservation group has confirmed that over 600 vultures have already died in an ongoing die-off event in West Africa. According to experts, the exact cause of the deaths of the birds is not yet clear.

The latest mass animal die-off event was reported by the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF). It was detected in the West African country of Guinea-Bissau.

The VCF confirmed the die-off event last month after receiving reports that about 200 vultures were found dead in the eastern province of Bafata. Then, the death toll increased substantially until it reached 648 on Feb. 28. Experts believe more vultures will die in the region as the die-off event continues.

Due to the high number of deaths within a short period, investigators initially believed that the birds were poisoned. However, after further investigations, authorities ruled out poisoning since this kind of incident tends to appear only in concentrated areas. Currently, investigators and conservation experts are still trying to determine the exact cause of the die-off.

The mysterious event has prompted the country’s Ministries of Public Health, Agriculture and Forestry and the Secretary of State for the Environment to deploy quick response teams to Bafata in an attempt to contain the die-off. To minimize the possible spread poison, virus or infection to other vultures, the response teams have started incinerating the carcasses.

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