Large die off of fish in the waterways of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan #Fish #Taiwan

Fish Kill Alert

Regarding the large number of dead fish in the Qianzhen River, the Environmental Protection Agency immediately dispatched personnel to the inspection at 9 am and found that a large amount of dead fish was deposited on the river surface of the Gaogong River closure station. All the residential areas along the route were inspected on site, and the pH value was 7.44, the water temperature was 25.9°C, and the conductivity was 960 μS/cm. The water quality was normal; however, the dissolved oxygen 0.94 mg/L was low. And, recently, the Fengshanxi Sewage Treatment Plant has reported that the wastewater is discharged into the river, which makes the river’s dissolved oxygen more scarce and causes the death of fish.

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