Coronavirus: Germany’s R number rockets again – from 1.79 to 2.88 #COVID19 #coronavirus #Germany #pandemic #quarantine #emergency

Coronavirus Alert

Any figure above one means COVID-19 is likely to increase among the population, making it more difficult to control.

Germany’s coronavirus R number has rocketed again – from 1.79 on Saturday to 2.88 on Sunday, official figures show.

The Robert Koch Institute for public health (RKI), which has been publishing the country’s COVID-19 statistics, said the new number is based on a four-day average. On Friday it was 1.06.

The figure of 2.88 means that for every 100 people who contract coronavirus, another 288 are likely to become infected.

In order to contain the disease, a figure of less than one is required.

Thus the new level means the virus is likely to increase among the population.

RKI said outbreaks had been reported in a variety of locations including hospitals and nursing homes.

COVID-19 was also discovered in centres for asylum seekers and refugees, among those harvesting crops and at religious and family gatherings.

The increase in the R rate also comes after hundreds of workers tested positive for coronavirus at an abattoir in northern Germany last week, prompting the closure of local schools and an urgent investigation.

Toennies, one of Germany’s biggest meat processors, said it had stopped slaughtering on Wednesday and was shutting the abattoir in stages.

More than 1,000 workers were tested and a total of 657 people tested positive, DW News reported.

Toennies’ co-owner, Clemens Toennies, has apologised.

RKI said that in total, 189,822 cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed, and 8,882 deaths.

Courtesy of Sky News

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