Norwood Hospital Temporarily Closed After Flash Flood; Evacuations Continue in Massachusetts, USA #Flooding #NorwoodHospital #Massachusetts #USA

Massachusetts Floods 29.06.2020

A hospital in Norwood, Massachusetts has been temporarily closed after a violent storm Sunday evening caused flash floods that sent water into the facility.

Calling the flooding a “significant event,” Norwood Hospital president Dr. Salvatore Perla said the hospital was closed for the time being as dozens of remaining patiets were being evacutated from the premisis Monday morning.

Perla said highest-risk patients were evacuated and taken to other facilities starting last night when flooding began at the hospital.

Hospital workers should not come to work unless specifically called on to do so, Perla said. He said family members of patients should call 781-769-4000 to find out where their loved ones have been relocated to.

The update came as thousands were still without power across Massachusetts Monday morning, after storms the previous day caused flooding and other damage throughout the region and more downpours were expected.

The National Weather Service in Boston issued a rare flash flood emergency for Norwood and surrounding towns, calling it a life-threatening situation. This was the first flash flood emergency issued since 2014 — which was during Arthur, a storm that dropped a half foot of rain near Fall River. The only other time a flash flood emergency was issued was in 2011 for parts of central and western Massachusetts during Hurricane Irene.

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