Hundreds of dead Heron Birds found near Yüksekova District, Turkey #Birds #Yüksekova #Turkey

Bird Alert

The death of dozens of birds in the Nehil Reeds, which is home to hundreds of bird species and is under protection, has caused fear.

Authorities took action after the death of a large number of heron birds in the reeds near the village of Köprışık, which is 12 kilometers away from Yüksekova district center. The teams that came to the scene took samples to be sent to Van to determine how the birds died. The resident of the village, Hikmet Demir, stated that he met the birds who died while walking in the reed area and said, “There are birds that die everywhere. We were both surprised and scared. We don’t know why they died. We immediately notified the authorities. I have not encountered such a thing in my life.”

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