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100+ livestock killed by lightning in Rajouri village, Kashmir, India #Cattle #Kashmir #India

Livestock Alert

A few nomadic families of Bakerwal community, en route seasonal migration towards hilly areas, suffered a major loss on Tuesday after more than a hundred sheep and goats were killed in the lightening and thunderstorms in a village of Rajouri.

Officials told that three nomadic families from Kalakote Tehsil were on their seasonal move; they were spending the night under an open sky in Potha village of Rajouri when the lightning and thunderstorms struck about 2 AM in the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday.

“More than one hundred goat and sheep were killed in the incident triggering loss of lakhs for the poor families.” they said.

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Hundreds of sea birds dead, fish and mussels gone, in a fjord in Oslo, Norway #Birds #Mussels #Oslo #Norway

Bird Alert

Something is seriously wrong with the Oslo Fjord and no one seems to fully understand why. Both fish and mussels have been disappearing, while the fjord’s characteristic seabirds known as ærfugl (common eider) have been found dead from Agder in the south to Østfold farther north.

Newspaper Dagsavisen has reported that the dead birds are believed to have simply starved to death. Experts conclude that only one thing is certain: the Oslo Fjord’s ecosystem has come under severe pressure despite massive efforts to clean up sewage and industrial pollution for decades.

Around 240 dead birds had been found as of mid-April. On Sunday, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that around 400 have now been found lifeless along the shoreline. Per Espen Fjeld of the conservation agency Statens naturoppsyn (SNO) told Dagsavisen a month ago that he fears the real number is several thousand.

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Dozens of sea birds found dead, ‘a mystery’ on Vestmannaeyjar Islands, Iceland #Birds #Iceland

Bird Alert

Numerous oil-covered carcasses of birds have recently been discovered on Vestmannaeyjar islands, and no one knows why, Morgunblaðið reports. Yesterday, employees of the South Iceland Nature Research Center went to Heimaey island, the largest of Vestmannaeyjar islands, to assess the situation, where they discovered 27 dead birds at Stafnes, on the northwest part of the island. Most of those were common eiders, while some were common murres (guillemots) and razorbills. Fourteen of those were covered in oil, probably fuel oil.

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Dozens of tons of dead fish wash up on a river in Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam #Fish #Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

Over the past few days, many households raising fish on the Ca Lo River in the towns of Dao Duc and Tien Chau of Vinh Phuc Province are extremely worried and urgent when tens of tons of breeding fish suddenly appear strange phenomena. Fish appear to plunge head to shore and then die abnormally.

Phuong, a fish farmer in Huong Loc village, Dao Duc town, said: After the rain last Friday night (April 29, 2020), on Saturday morning, fish on the river began to appear strange phenomena. The fish constantly plunges to the shore and then dies, floating along the river banks and drifting into the net between households. The amount of dead fish is very large, every few minutes, the fish will continue to die and drift ashore. Unfortunately, the households had to call relatives and neighbors to pick them up to raise and compost as fertilizer.

According to fish farmers in this area, the Ca Lo river flowing from Huong Loc hamlet in Dao Duc town to the end of Tien Chau town (Phuc Yen) has a length of about 7km. Households were engaged in freezing and stocking fish with the length of the river from 150m to 250m. The phenomenon of dead fish started from the river section of Dao Duc town then gradually down to Tien Chau town and up to now, the section of Ca Lo river flowing to Chay river continues to die.

The large number of abnormal fish deaths not only causes serious economic losses to the farmers but also stinks the whole area. Currently, the transport hospital located in the town of Dao Duc near the river is one of the units affected by the smell of rotting fish rising daily.

According to these fish farmers, the cause may be due to polluted water from the discharge or dumping activities of an organization.

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Hundreds of dead fish found floating in river Phalguni in Nadthikallu, India #Fish #Nadthikallu #India

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of fish were found floating dead in River Phalguni at Dadelu in Nadthikallu, near Venoor, triggering an alarm that water had been poisoned.

As the fish had died, the entire area reeked of a nauseating smell. Hundreds of cattle drink water from the water body to quench their thirst. The residents fear spread of diseases from the rotting fish.

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Thousands of dead sea birds wash up on beaches in North East of Scotland #Birds #Scotland

Bird Alert

New Arc rescue centre has been receiving a number of calls regarding guillemots washed up on beaches across the north-east, most of which are dead.

Head of the charity, Keith Findlay is asking people walking along beaches to check on the birds. He said: “This is happening at a time near the start of the breeding season and although the birds are not a rare species, this could have a major impact on their population.”

It’s not certain why exactly so many of the birds have washed on the north-east shores however, Mr Marley said:” The birds that have been coming into us have been quite underweight so it’s presumably food-related.”

Due to lockdown the wildlife charity is relying on people to deliver the injured birds to them.

Mr Marley said: “We are still accepting wildlife casualties, but are having to rely on people delivering to us unless they are birds of prey, swans or any of the mammals likely to endanger members of the public such as foxes, badgers, deer or even squirrels or hares.”

Guillemots which are about the size of a pigeon if found on the beach are easy to catch. Mr Marley said: “They don’t walk very well on land. If people find them, I’d ask them to put a towel over them and bring them to us. If you can get them to us we will go through the isolation process.”

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Thousands of dead fish wash up on beach, ‘a mystery’ in Mexico #Fish #Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of fish have washed ashore on a Mexican beach, leaving residents stunned over the mystery of the mass death.

Footage captured at Acapulco beach in the south-western Mexican state of Guerrero shows a huge school of fish lying lifelessly on the sand.

Local residents including young children rush to see the bizarre scene while some try to scoop the fish up in their arms.

Some try to fill up their baskets and buckets with fish and others are seen dropping the fish onto their pickup truck.

It is believed that the fish belongs to a species of mackerels or a common jackfish.

According to reports, some residents believed the phenomenon was caused by the absence of people due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

But Sabas Arturo de la Rosa Camacho, who is in charge of maintaining the beaches in Acapulco Municipality, believed the mysterious appearance of the fish has nothing to do with coronavirus.

He also rejected claims that the phenomenon was caused by a lack of oxygen in the water.

The official believes it was caused by schools of jackfish approaching the shore to hunt for sardines, according to reports.

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Mysterious death of 9 whales off the coast of Norway #Whales #Norway

Whale Alert

Nine whales found dead off the coast of Norway, from unknown causes. They are four sperm whales and five humpback whales, which appeared lifeless in recent weeks in the north of the country, some on the island of Andøya.

It is not ruled out that it could be due to natural causes, but it is difficult to know, since Norway does not have a systematic plan to investigate such events, due to their high cost.

Local scientists try to discover what happened.

“The whale is a messenger about the health of the sea and what happens in the ecosystem,” said Kathrine Ryeng, a scientist and veterinarian at the Institute for Marine Research.

A cause of death already ruled out for these whales is that they have died from the ingestion of plastics.

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Hundreds Of Birds Found Dead On Cruise Ship Open Decks. Location Unknown #Birds

Bird Alert

Hundreds of birds were discovered dead on a cruise ship open deck by the crew, yesterday morning. A crew member who wishes to remain anonymous recorded a video of the sight which appears as if the birds had dropped down dead from the sky. There were many birds flying around the ship the night before “It was a beautiful night and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we woke up this morning and see so many dead birds all around the ship’s open deck” the crew member says.

“We wake up with announcements asking to not go to the open decks. To not touch the birds, and to feed them. I thought that the poor birds we’re alive and I didn’t went there. I love animals and I didn’t want to see them and couldn’t help in anything. I still can’t stop to cry and nobody give reasonable explanation” says another crew member.

All the crew are stressed from the sight and don’t know how to the birds have died. They say this is the first time they see something like this happening on a cruise ship. Later the dead birds were removed and the decks were thoroughly cleaned.

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