Dozens of tons of dead fish wash up on a river in Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam #Fish #Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

Over the past few days, many households raising fish on the Ca Lo River in the towns of Dao Duc and Tien Chau of Vinh Phuc Province are extremely worried and urgent when tens of tons of breeding fish suddenly appear strange phenomena. Fish appear to plunge head to shore and then die abnormally.

Phuong, a fish farmer in Huong Loc village, Dao Duc town, said: After the rain last Friday night (April 29, 2020), on Saturday morning, fish on the river began to appear strange phenomena. The fish constantly plunges to the shore and then dies, floating along the river banks and drifting into the net between households. The amount of dead fish is very large, every few minutes, the fish will continue to die and drift ashore. Unfortunately, the households had to call relatives and neighbors to pick them up to raise and compost as fertilizer.

According to fish farmers in this area, the Ca Lo river flowing from Huong Loc hamlet in Dao Duc town to the end of Tien Chau town (Phuc Yen) has a length of about 7km. Households were engaged in freezing and stocking fish with the length of the river from 150m to 250m. The phenomenon of dead fish started from the river section of Dao Duc town then gradually down to Tien Chau town and up to now, the section of Ca Lo river flowing to Chay river continues to die.

The large number of abnormal fish deaths not only causes serious economic losses to the farmers but also stinks the whole area. Currently, the transport hospital located in the town of Dao Duc near the river is one of the units affected by the smell of rotting fish rising daily.

According to these fish farmers, the cause may be due to polluted water from the discharge or dumping activities of an organization.

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