Thousands of dead sea birds wash up on beaches in North East of Scotland #Birds #Scotland

Bird Alert

New Arc rescue centre has been receiving a number of calls regarding guillemots washed up on beaches across the north-east, most of which are dead.

Head of the charity, Keith Findlay is asking people walking along beaches to check on the birds. He said: “This is happening at a time near the start of the breeding season and although the birds are not a rare species, this could have a major impact on their population.”

It’s not certain why exactly so many of the birds have washed on the north-east shores however, Mr Marley said:” The birds that have been coming into us have been quite underweight so it’s presumably food-related.”

Due to lockdown the wildlife charity is relying on people to deliver the injured birds to them.

Mr Marley said: “We are still accepting wildlife casualties, but are having to rely on people delivering to us unless they are birds of prey, swans or any of the mammals likely to endanger members of the public such as foxes, badgers, deer or even squirrels or hares.”

Guillemots which are about the size of a pigeon if found on the beach are easy to catch. Mr Marley said: “They don’t walk very well on land. If people find them, I’d ask them to put a towel over them and bring them to us. If you can get them to us we will go through the isolation process.”

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