At least 500 cattle dead due to drought in Veracruz, Mexico #Cattle #Drought #Veracruz #Mexico

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The dry season left at least 500 head of cattle dead in the central area of ​​the state, with Tierra Blanca being one of the most affected municipalities, informed the president of the Livestock Union in that area, Jesús Ortega Couttolenc.

“The reports we have are more than anything from Tierra Blanca, it is not that the other places have not been given, but that was where there was the death of cattle, there are some who have reported to us about 400 or 500 heads, which are what we know us, there must be a lot more dead cattle, but we cannot talk about what has been done to us formally, if it was a very difficult time, “he said.

He explained that although with the start of the rainy season the land is already beginning to get wet and green in the central area, the damage could take 30 more days.

“Fortunately, a little water has already fallen, in the central area it was not what we could expect, but the one that fell has already started to green the grass, it is still a problem and it will continue for another 30 days but here we go,” he concluded.

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