Thousands of dead fish wash up along the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Canada #Fish #LakeWinnipeg #Canada

Fish Kill Alert

Provincial fish scientists are trying to figure out why hundreds, if not thousands, of dead carp are washing up on beaches in Lake Winnipeg cottage country.

The bodies of common carp, some more than a metre in length, are rotting on the sand and rocks on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg’s south basin, between Patricia Beach and Victoria Beach.

On some stretches of shoreline, there are dead fish every few metres.

“I’ve never seen carp on the shore like that. You usually see one or two fish,” said Dave Horbas, a councillor for the R.M. of St. Clements.

At Lakeshore Heights, writer-photographer Bramwell Ryan has been forced to shovel carcasses off the beach.

“In a typical year, I see maybe one or two dead carp. I’ve never seen this kind of volume before and the most surprising thing is the birds aren’t eating them,” said Ryan, who also counted 110 carp carcasses on a two-kilometre stretch of Grand Beach.

“That’s really weird. I mean, that’s hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds of basically fish flesh, sitting on a beach, and none of the scavengers are touching it. It’s just odd behaviour. I can’t figure that out.”

Further north at the R.M. of Victoria Beach, residents removed 25 carcasses from one beach alone, said Reeve Penny McMorris.

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