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QUAKE SWARM, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, USA 20th – 21st August 2020 #earthquake #QuakeSwarm #California #USA


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MAGNITUDE 2.5 CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION #earthquake #CanaryIslands #Spain

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Depth: 35 km

Distances: 605 km SW of Agadir, Morocco / pop: 698,000 / local time: 18:13:20.5 2020-08-22

15 km ENE of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain / pop: 381,000 / local time: 18:13:20.5 2020-08-22

Regional view

MAGNITUDE 5.9 ASCENSION ISLAND REGION #earthquake #AscensionIsland

Subject to change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 1476 km SSW of San-Pédro, Ivory Coast / pop: 196,000 / local time: 08:38:04.6 2020-08-22

1388 km SSW of Harper, Liberia / pop: 32,600 / local time: 08:38:04.6 2020-08-22

Global view

MAGNITUDE 4.5 GREECE #earthquake #Greece

Subject to change

Depth: 23 km

Distances: 30 km ESE of Pátra, Greece / pop: 168,000 / local time: 07:31:54.6 2020-08-22

11 km WNW of Kalávryta, Greece / pop: 1,600 / local time: 07:31:54.6 2020-08-22

Local view

MAGNITUDE 5.5 SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA #earthquake #Sumatra #Indonesia

Subject to change

Depth: 30 km

Distances: 350 km SSE of Padang, Indonesia / pop: 840,000 / local time: 07:39:36.9 2020-08-22

133 km WSW of Bengkulu, Indonesia / pop: 309,000 / local time: 07:39:36.9 2020-08-22

Regional view

Locust Swarms Ravage Crops In Kenya Again As Country Stares At A Food Crisis #LocustSwarms #Kenya #Africa

Locust Alert

Kenya has been hit by a second wave of locusts after billions of these tiny insects had already swarmed the country’s fields earlier this year. In the Turkana county, swarms of locusts have caused large-scale damage to standing crops, leading farmers to a state of despair over their near future. This locust invasion is being called by experts as the worst in 70 years. With 20% of standing crop damaged, the region is staring at a food crisis for humans as well as livestock.

The newest locust attack in Kenya will also lead to a dairy crisis since there may not be enough crop residue to feed the livestock. The region has already had a series of droughts since 2016 and the latest locust attack has prompted govt to carry massive aerial and ground operations to control extent of the damage. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization is aiding the government’s efforts in trying to restrict the damage and ensure that the affected communities get back on their feet.

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