5 turtles found dead on Boccasette beach, Italy #Turtles #BoccasetteBeach #Italy

Turtle Alert

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It is not the first time this has happened, quite the contrary. Every year it happens to meet some beached turtles on the coasts of the Delta , but yesterday it was not an isolated case, as many as five tortoises were found along the Boccasette beach . Although a few weeks ago an environmental cleanup was carried out with its four tons of collected waste, this week’s bad weather was enough to plunge the coast back into plastic, especially buoys and mussel farming nets in the open sea. And it is among these waste that dead turtles were also found, some of them without carapaces and therefore most likely dead for some time.

As often happens on the Polesian coast, the specimens found should be related to sea turtles of the Caretta-Caretta species (the most common type in the Mediterranean sea), which arrived at the beach with the storm. Four of these specimens were found going towards the southern tip of the coast: from the Girotti bath in the direction of the sanctuary of the Madonnina, while one was identified towards the area that goes north starting from the Scano Palo di Bellan bath. These findings are sadly widespread phenomena which unfortunately have been increasing in recent years, also due to the increase in pollution of the seas.

Courtesy of ilmattino.it



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