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Tens of thousands of dead fish found in a river in Phon Thong District, Thailand #Fish #PhonThongDistrict #Thailand

Fish Kill Alert

At 10:30 am on August 16, 2020, the reporter reported that Mr. Theerapongpol Yitkhamnan, Um Mo Subdistrict, received notification from villagers that Tens of thousands of dead fish floating in the creek E, unknown beetles, range from m. 1, m. 12, m. 2, m. 3, m. 4 m. 5 until the overflowing department, m. 3, Ban Kraphee, Um Ma Subdistrict, Amphur Muang Phon Thong, Roi Et Province, therefore report to Phon Thong District Sheriff and Fisheries.

The scene of the incident named Ee Duang creek, Um Ma subdistrict, Phon Thong district, Roi Et province. In the middle of the water from m.1, Umao flows through m.12, Umao under the river, 2 Ban Khok Sida Moo 3 Kaphi Until the front of the overflow department, Moo 3, Ban Krapee, a distance of about 5 -7 km, found many kinds of freshwater fish, there are white carp, salad pla, Tong striped fish, white fish, small white fish, Eid fish, dead kra, floating in the creek. E. beetle for unknown reasons.

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30 dead turtles found on coast of Altata, Mexico #Turtles #Altata #Mexico

Turtle Alert

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Dozens of turtles and a baby whale were found dead in an area of ​​Altata beach by residents of the place.

Surprised, they made a tour finding around 30 turtles and a baby calf in a state of decomposition and others more practically already in pure shell.

The place of the sighting is passing Nuevo Altata towards the area where the whale tour takes place.

They assume that tuna fishing vessels that use prohibited fishing gear without exclusions may be responsible.

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5,000 dead fish found washed up in Rhode Island, USA #Fish #RhodeIsland #USA

Fish Kill Alert

Marine Fisheries found nearly 5,000 dead fish off of Bullocks Cove and Allen’s Cove on Friday, the Department of Environmental Management said.

The DEM responded to a report of two fish kills in West Barrington and across the bay in Warwick Friday morning.

The fish covered about a 50-yard stretch of the beach, according to DEM Chief Public Affairs Officer Michael Healey.

Healey said although they have not determined an official cause yet, they believe the deaths relate to low levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the bay due to the heatwave.

He said what would have killed the fish is a deficiency of oxygen reaching the tissues of the body, known as hypoxia.

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Hundreds of heron birds found dead in Hakkari, Turkey #Birds #Hakkari #Turkey

Bird Alert

Authorities took action after many heron birds died in the reeds near Köprücük village, which is 12 kilometers away from Yüksekova district center. The teams who came to the scene took samples to be sent to Van to determine how the birds died. Hikmet Demir, a resident of the village, stated that he encountered dead birds while wandering in the reed area and said, “There are dead birds everywhere. We were both surprised and very scared. We also don’t know why they died. We immediately informed the authorities. “I’ve never encountered such a thing in my life.”

Nature Conservation National Parks Yüksekova Branch Chief Erhan Konür, on the other hand, stated that they came to the region upon the notification that heron birds were destroyed and said, “We will take samples and send them to Van after making the necessary examinations. We want to know why and how these died. They could be pesticides used, they could be poisoned by water. We will make the necessary examinations and take samples and send them to the Van Nature Conservation National Parks Regional Directorate. As an institution, we will follow him ”he said.

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MAGNITUDE 5.6 FIJI REGION #earthquake #Fiji

Subject to change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 509 km NNW of Nuku‘alofa, Tonga / pop: 22,400 / local time: 06:01:33.7 2020-09-18

371 km WNW of Neiafu, Tonga / pop: 4,300 / local time: 06:01:33.7 2020-09-18

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MAGNITUDE 4.8 PAKISTAN #earthquake #Pakistan

Subject to change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 136 km E of Quetta, Pakistan / pop: 733,000 / local time: 21:42:33.6 2020-09-17

51 km ESE of Harnai, Pakistan / pop: 11,000 / local time: 21:42:33.6 2020-09-17

MAGNITUDE 5.5 BANDA SEA #earthquake #BandSea

Subject to change

Depth: 192 km

Distances: 369 km SSE of Ambon, Indonesia / pop: 355,000 / local time: 19:32:26.2 2020-09-17

321 km NE of Lospalos, Timor Leste / pop: 17,100 / local time: 19:32:26.2 2020-09-17

MAGNITUDE 3.5 FRANCE #earthquake #France

Subject to change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 41 km SSW of Nantes, France / pop: 277,000 / local time: 12:07:31.5 2020-09-17

12 km NNW of Challans, France / pop: 18,900 / local time: 12:07:31.5 2020-09-17


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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 1271 km N of Fortaleza, Brazil / pop: 2,400,000 / local time: 00:00:20.8 2020-09-17

1218 km N of Acaraú, Brazil / pop: 28,300 / local time: 00:00:20.8 2020-09-17

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