6 whales wash up and die on a beach in Donegal, Ireland #Whales #Donegal #Ireland

Whale Alert

AT LEAST SIX whales that were stranded on a beach in Donegal today have died, with all of the whales expected to be dead by morning.

A group of northern bottlenose whales were found stranded at Rosnowlagh beach in Donegal earlier today, around 19km north of Bundoran.

Three whales were stranded on the beach, with at least another four identified as stranded in the shallow water of the bay.

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) has been providing first aid to the whales on the beach, but most of them have died.

Speaking to TheJournal.ie, a spokesperson for IWDG said that “there was one alive who did swim out, but it’s most likely going to restrand”.

“I would say by the morning they will all be dead, which is expected. These are an offshore species,” he said.

The IWDG still has team members on the shore, but as the tide comes in, there is little they can do for the whales.

“We’re all meeting in the morning up in Rosnowlagh with the Council and the Wildlife Service where they will be recovered by Donegal County Council.”

Researchers will use samples from whales to learn more about the species, which are rarely seen in Ireland.

Courtesy of thejournal.ie


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