Hundreds of cattle dead ‘due to cold weather’, ‘never seen this before’, in Mato Grosso, Brazil #Cattle #MatoGrosso #Brazil

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The cold wave that hit Brazil this week advanced through the Midwest and caused damage to farms in Mato Grosso. According to reports by cattle ranchers in the cities of Reserva do Cabaçal and Salto do Céu, in the southwest of the state, the cold weather from Saturday to Sunday, 23, killed several Nellore cattle.

“These two cities, which are located in a higher region, there are reports of a thermal sensation at 0 ° C, something extremely unusual here in Mato Grosso. From what I heard, there were several cases registered in these two locations, ”said the president of the Rural Union of São José dos Quatro Marcos (MT), Alessandro Casado.

For the Nelore PO (Pure Origin) cattle breeder, Amauri Nazário Pinheiro, the morning was a shock at Fazenda Iruama, in Reserva Do Cabaçal. When he went out to see the animals, he found 12 lifeless and eight others lying down. “We found these animals dead because of the cold. Those who are still alive, we are applying medicine to see if it gets up, but it is certain that of these eight, at least four or five must die ”, he said.

According to the creator, the loss so far recorded is R $ 150 thousand.

According to him, the cases were widespread in the city. “In my neighbor next door, 27 cattle died of cold. In the other neighbor, there were 21 so far, in another property there were five and, in a farm closer to the road, two more. I believe that just because of these close cases, we had at least 100 animals that died of cold in the city, since many people don’t even know that they lost cattle, because there was never that here ”, he commented.

The rancher says that the animals that died were the youngest and were in the open. “On this property, we do not have forest near the pasture, except at the edge of the stream, where it is even colder. The animals that died were certainly exposed to wind and cold, something that never happened here. So much so, that on another property we have, the animals managed to take shelter in the forest and there was no case. ”

If the weather forecast indicates colder weather like this, Amauri informed that he intends to take the cattle to the property that has more protection from the winds. However, the forecast is for an increase in temperature and another cold like this should not happen anytime soon. “The sun is already coming out and it’s heating up right here. But if I have a cold like this again, I intend to take the animals to the other property or close in a corral, with canvas to protect during the night ”, he concluded.

“We’ve never seen this before”

The creator José Ginevaldo Vitório, from the Recanto das Águas farm, was also surprised by the death of five Nellore animals. On his farm, the herd of 350 cattle suffered from the sudden drop in temperature. “We’ve never seen that before. We lost five Nellore cows, but we had neighbors who were much more impacted. We had reports of a producer who has 50 to 60 animals in confinement, and who lost up to 20 animals ”, he said.

According to the rancher, in a radius of 20 kilometers from his property, at least 200 animals died from the cold, especially calves from two and a half to three years old. In addition to the herd animals, wild animals were found in the field. “The cold was so intense, that I found a porcupine, known as Luis Caxeiro, with no life in the field. Herons, birds and even bats also died ”, he concluded.

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