Actively Growing Lava Dome At Santiaguito Volcano In Guatemala #SantiaguitoVolcano #LavaDome #Guatemala

Santa Maria volcano satellite image (c) Google Earth View

The activity of the volcano has remained essentially unchanged at elevated levels during the previous months characterized by pyroclastic flows and new period of extrusion of the dome blocks.

INSIVUMEH reported that extrusion of the dome blocks is appeared reaching over the edge of the crater of the Caliente dome and causes block-and-ash flows that continue to descend over the western and southwestern slopes, sometimes phoenix clouds are formed. The length of the flows is about 800 m. Accumulating of the volcanic material in the lower part and on the west and southwest flank of the Caliente dome can lead to formation of lava flows or moderate to strong lahars (mud flows) towards the San Isidro river channel.

A weak to moderate explosions at regular intervals of 15 to 20 per day are generated which reached approx. 9,842 ft-10,826 ft (3,000-3,300 m) altitude and extending about 10-12 km of the volcano.

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