Mass die off of fish in a lake in Quang Ninh, Vietnam #Fish #QuangNinh #Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

On the morning of September 8 2020, the phenomenon of floating dead fish is in the decomposition process, causing the lake water to turn dark, stinking.

The phenomenon of abnormal fish death in Yet Kieu regulating lake (Yet Kieu ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh) took place nearly this week with large numbers. Fish corpses are formed into plaques, are decomposing causing stench causing pollution in the neighborhood.

Many households living around this lake, because they cannot stand the stench, have to close all day …

According to people living around the lake area, this place is usually a place for walking and sports every afternoon. However, almost this week, no one came because they could not stand the stench rising from the lake surface.

“Every day, the more dead fish emerge, the more and more the fish decompose the flies and the flies are soaked, they smell terrible. My house has to close the door for meals because we cannot stand the smell”, Mr. H.Đ. T (people of Yet Kieu ward) complained.

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Yet Kieu ward Ngo Van Ich said that the cause of the dead fish is unknown. The ward sent forces and people to pick up dead fish and destroy them. However, fish death is still going on.

“Currently, the force is still only able to pick up the fish that have washed ashore, and still died in the middle of the lake, there is no boat to pick up. The ward also reported to the Quang Ninh Department of Natural Resources and Environment, on September 8, took a water sample to check. but it was raining so it was impossible, “Ich said.

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