Large parts of London without water as major outage hits ‘multiple postcodes’

Water Outage Alert

Large parts of London have been left without water as major outage hits across ‘multiple postcodes’.

Thames Water reported specialists were working to “get things up and running as quickly as possible” after many homes residents experienced low pressure or no water.

The water company said affected areas included E6, E7, E10, E11, E12, E13, E15, E16, E20.

Twitter users shared their frustrations being left without water.

Journalist Jessica Elgot wrote: “East London currently has no running water, exactly what I’d expect from 2020 at this stage​.”

News reporter Alexander Smith wrote: “Not wanting to add more competition to this unending news cycle but there is a rather large water outage in east London.

“Thoughts and prayers with Thames Water’s social media person.”

Thames Water added in a statement that it was “really sorry” for the issue and that it was doing “all we can to get the issue resolved”.

It added: “We know this has happened at a difficult time.”

Some of those affected said the issue had been ongoing for a number of hours.

Zainab Ayed said: “Hurry up please I have a big family and we’re all needing a wash after going out to school work etc

“All of us need to go to the toilet Do wudu and stuff We can’t anymore and you’re telling us to wait Please send water bottles at the very least.”

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