10 dead turtles found washed up in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Turtle Alert

Photo Illustration

Sri Lanka’s Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC), on Monday said it had launched an investigation after at least 10 dead turtles were washed ashore on the beaches of capital Colombo over the weekend, local media reported here Monday.

Concerns were raised after the carcasses of three turtles were found on the Mount Lavinia beach on Saturday while on Sunday five more dead turtles were found washed onto the Galle Face beach while another two were found in pretty much the same condition on the Wellawatte beach.

M.G.C. Sooriyabandara, Director General of the DWC, quoted in the local Daily Mirror said that a court order would be sought to obtain experts’ opinions to figure out the cause of events.

He further said thousands of turtles swim ashore on Sri Lankan beaches to lay eggs during the nesting season and it was common to find a few dead turtles after they get entangled in fishing nets.

However, he added that finding such a large number of carcasses will be investigated.

Courtesy of xinhuanet.com



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