3 dead whales found on the coast of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Whale Alert

Because it affected a tourist area, the Environmental Management Directorate and the Necochea Fish Farming and Hydrobiological Stations decided to bury the body in a dune located 150 meters from the place where it was found.

“We organized an operation to have it in the best possible place and we succeeded,” said the director of the area, Isabel Génova. The use of machinery was needed to make the well and move the animal.

For her part, Carina Arias from the Quequén Hydrobiological Station assured: “We take samples from the animal, both skin and cirripedia, parasites, muscle and fat, which will be placed in the freezer some and others in alcohol to later carry out different studies ”.

This Thursday another dead whale was found stranded on the breakwater of the Miramar Yacht Club and another in the Chapadmalal area.

“It is an absolutely novel phenomenon because it is very rare to find dead adults on the coast. And in this case it was not one, but three . Due to the context of the pandemic in which we are living, which makes it impossible for us, among other things, to be able to move to other locations, we find it necessary to take samples for research, but we are working on that, ”said the specialist, Diego Rodríguez , director of the Group of Marine Mammals of the National University of Mar del Plata and Conicet.

“At the moment we do not have any reason or hypothesis that allows us to know what happened. It’s kind of strange. The animals are physically well, they do not show signs of some kind of collision, “added the specialist.

Courtesy of todoprovincial.com



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