Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Valdegrana, Spain

Fish Kill Alert

Although in El Puerto there is no news of the appearance of dead rodents on the beaches , at least not in the amount in which it has occurred in other cities, such as Rota or Sanlúcar, if the arrival at the shore of the portuense coast of a great quantity of fish thrown by the tide.

This phenomenon has occurred especially on the beach of Valdelagrana and according to the City Council it is something common at this time of year, due to storms and the contribution of fresh water to the Bay of Cádiz, due to the torrential rains that are coming. registering occasionally in the last dates.

The arrival of dead fish would have affected mainly Levante beach, according to some citizens who have contacted this newspaper. According to what this newspaper has learned, the workers of the beach cleaning service have been removing dozens of mullet from the shore and also fish of other species , washed away by the tide, sometimes up to 300 specimens in a single day.

This Monday, without going any further, the operators began first thing in the morning, concluding their day in the middle of the afternoon, leaving the beach clean before the tide rose and could drag them out to sea again.

Although fish kills can be caused by storms, it can also be due, at least in part, to some illegal fishing gear that has been adrift.

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