Hundreds of dead fish washing up due to red tide in Marco Island, USA

Fish Kill Alert

As Marco Island builds high concentration levels of red tide, Collier County cleanup crews took on raking up hundreds of pounds of dead fish over the weekend, according to Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Since Friday, the county said they raked 150 to 200 pounds on Marco Island alone. But on Tigertail Beach, there is still work to be done.

“It’s interesting because the coughing will come pretty much at the same time. We’ll both be hit at the same time,” Elisa Milano said.

The couple sat nearly a mile away from the water.

“It’s not as bad back here,” Milano said.

Meanwhile at the shoreline, Janice Shaffer and her grandchildren made the best of a bizarre beach day.

“It comes almost every year, so we just kind of deal with it. I try to get the grandkids not to touch the dead fish, which is gross,” Shaffer said.

Others, like Pam and Sybil Burge went out of their way to dodge dead fish in order to snag some shells. Both said they wonder what the county is doing to clean up the mess.

“Since I’m still shrieking every time I cross an eel or a fish, I would say, could you do a better job?” Sybil Burge said.

The county said cleanup will take time. In smaller areas, like Vanderbilt Beach, crews can rake up all the dead fish every weekday. But with 2.5 miles of beach to rake on Marco, it will take a few days.

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