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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 123 km NNW of Budapest III. kerület, Hungary / pop: 123,000 / local time: 09:16:44.6 2021-01-28

17 km SSE of Prievidza, Slovakia / pop: 52,900 / local time: 09:16:44.6 2021-01-28

Intense strombolian activity at Etna volcano in Italy

Intense activity at Etna’s SE crater this morning (image: LAVE webcam)

Europe’s most active volcano remains highly active, erupting from at least two of its summit craters: although visibility has been very poor, intermittent clear views allow to see intense strombolian-type activity from the New SE crater and the Voragine central crater.

The latter is less frequent and not as strong as the activity at the protagonist New SE crater. Tremor has been high and showing a steady increasing trend, indicating that magma is currently flowing towards the surface at increased rate.

Whether there will be another paroxysm with lava fountains soon is open to speculation at the moment.

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