Hundreds of dead fish wash up on Lake Victoria in Uganda

Scientists in Uganda are investigating the cause of death of hundreds of fish washed up on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Joyce Nyeko, acting director of fisheries at the ministry of agriculture told Xinhua by telephone on Sunday that preliminary investigations have ruled out fish poisoning by fishermen.

Nyeko said there is a likelihood that the death is caused by recent flooding, water hyacinth weeds, some of which sank and during the rotting process, oxygen in the water was used up.

She also noted that with the recent strong winds, there has been lake overturn with bottom water that has low-level oxygen spring up and mixing with the upper layers and therefore reducing oxygen levels and thus killing fish.

Nyeko said the ministry is investigating whether similar deaths have occurred on the shores of other lakes and rivers in the country.

Local media reported that dead fish washed up on the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe, 40 km south of the capital Kampala.

The official advised people living near the lake to pick the dead fish and bury it to reduce the smell.

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