Thousands of dead fish wash up on beach in Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

On Friday (8/1/2021), thousands of dead tandeman fish were stranded on the edge of Sikabaluan Beach, North Siberut District, Mentawai Islands Regency.

The phenomenon that shocked local residents was known to the public after being uploaded by a Facebook social media account user named Nova Sutila.

In the upload, Nova Sutila provided a video depicting thousands of dead fish on the beach, which were then taken by the community at that location.

Nova Sutila also wrote a statement in her upload, ” Hopefully this is a good sign and this is the start of a better fortune, for the residents of Sikabaluan. Cangkuak fish pulls over to Sikabaluan beach, North Siberut, Mentawai Islands “.

Head of the West Sumatra Marine and Fisheries Service, Yosmeri, said that until now he has not been able to determine the cause of the death of the thousands of fish in Sikabaluan.

“I can’t confirm what the cause is, but usually if there are fish that die en masse, it is caused by several factors,” he said.

He said several factors could be the cause, such as natural phenomena, the environment and climate change.

As for the environment, he continued, it could be caused by poisoning fish , or someone catching fish using bombs.

Then another factor, namely extreme climate change, but Yosmeri assessed that because of climate change factors, this phenomenon should also occur in other coastal parts of West Sumatra.

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