Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up in Fårö, Sweden

When Fiskejournalen talks to Greger Johansson on Monday morning, he has already sat on the phone and talked to lots of people who have heard from him, since he posted the pictures on Facebook. The discovery of the dead fish quickly became a snack bar, and the big question is of course what caused the mass death?

There must have been at least 20,000 fish, maybe more. I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life, so it is clear that I was surprised, says Greger Johansson.

Now he wonders if there are more fish scattered on Fårö’s beaches, or if it is only at the current location? He himself is of the opinion that something extensive must have happened.

A friend has seen lots of trawlers north of Fårö, so maybe something has happened in connection with it, maybe that something has broken? In any case, it is terribly sad, says Greger Johansson, who hopes that the mystery will clear up when the event becomes known to a larger circle.

Courtesy of fiskejournalen.se


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