Thousands of fish die suddenly in a lake in Ponorogo, Indonesia

Thousands of tilapia cultivated in Ngebel Lake have died since Monday (8/2/2021) yesterday. Residents suspect that tens of tons of fish suddenly died of sulfur gas poisoning from the bottom of the lake since Sunday (7/2/2021) night. The head of the Milled Fish Cultivation Group, Yoso Ngebel, Pujo Widodo, said that the phenomenon of sulfur gas coming out of the bottom of the lake occurs almost every year. However, usually sulfur gas does not come out during the rainy season. “Before the sulfur gas comes out, usually the farmers have emptied their kerambanya,” said Pujo to , Tuesday (9/2/2021).

However, the community missed predicting the time for sulfur gas to come out from the bottom of the lake. Sulfur gas comes out when farmers are about to harvest tilapia. As a result, thousands of tilapia fish died suddenly and floated on the surface of the water. According to Pujo, a group of farmers could lose up to tens of millions of rupiah, depending on the number of cages they have. Most of the dead fish were used as catfish food. Meanwhile, fish that can be saved are sold cheaply. Not only tilapia, many residents cultivate carp and catfish in Ngebel Lake. The two fish commodities were able to survive even though gas bursts came out of the bottom of the lake.

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