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Dozens of dead octopuses was up on beaches in Arica, Chile

Octopus Alert

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Dozens of dead octopuses and fish washed up on Arica beaches , in breakers and marshes.

For this reason, personnel from the Ministry of Health went to the El Planchón sector, south of the city, to collect samples of seawater and the affected fauna .

The teams went to the site after the complaint from third parties , including shellfish divers in the area.

Beatriz Chávez, Minister of Health, explained that samples were taken in different sectors .

Some of them will be sent to Santiago in order to carry out “physical-chemical, microbiological” analysis to determine the possible presence of toxins.

“This is a place where the Marine Toxin Program usually works, with three toxins that are identified,” said the seremi through a statement.

“We want to know what is the reason for the death of these species. This sector helps our fishermen and shellfish a lot. We are going to work to find out what the real reason for the loss of these species is, ”said Mayor Roberto Erpel.

The seremis of the Environment, Pablo Bernar; of Economy, Cristian Sayes; and the regional director of Sernapesca, Christian de la Barra.

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Dozens of dead dolphins wash up in Andalusia, Spain

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Almeria has suffered a wave of dolphin strandings on its shores over the past week. The Civil Guard has collaborated with Equinac (a non-profit organization to address turtle and cetacean strandings) to investigate the event that could be caused by Morbillivirus, a virus lethal to dolphins but not transmissible to humans.

The coordinator of this group, Eva Morón, explained to the local media that they do not yet have sufficient evidence to say so, as they have little means to do necropsies and are asking MITECO (Ministry for Ecological Transition and demographic challenge) for help. So far only two necropsies have been performed on two dolphins.

This wave of dolphins has left many specimens dead or close to death in: Mojácar, Balanegra, Garrucha and Punta Entinas. Unfortunately, not only have dolphins been affected but there has also been a stranding of a loggerhead turtle in Almerimar and a dry shark in Carboneras, which appeared with part of the needle of a swordfish stuck in the eye.

Among all these dolphins it has been possible to see how some of them had in their bodies several cuts caused by humans and even in some cases had engraved the name of a person on their body. That is why an investigation has been opened with the command of the Civil Guard of Almería.

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45 whales dead after stranding in Indonesia

Whale Alert

Regional officials on the northeastern Indonesian island of Madura said Friday at least 45 pilot whales that stranded themselves on a beach there have died, while rescuers managed to push three back out to sea.

East Java Provincial Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa, who was at the scene, told reporters that volunteers began arriving Thursday when news of the stranding first broke. He said they initially were able to push some of the whales back out to sea, but they returned.

The governor said there will be an investigation into the stranding and samples from dead whales will be sent to a regional university for study. He said the rest of the whales will be buried Saturday once the tide recedes and excavators can be used.

There were a series of high-profile pilot whale strandings last year in the south Pacific, including incidents in New Zealand and on the Australian island of Tasmania, where hundreds of whales died.

It is not fully understood why the whales beach themselves, but they are known to be highly social and travel in large groups known as pods. They will often follow a leader and sometimes come to the aid of an injured or distressed member of their pod.

Whale Stranding Indonesia, a nongovernmental organization, says in 2020 more than 70 marine mammals were found stranded, including dugongs, which are medium-sized marine mammals that are related to manatees.

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Dozens of starlings fall dead from sky in Nahariya, Israel

Bird Alert

A chilling sight was discovered in recent days in the city of Nahariya: Dozens of dead starlings took to the streets in the southeast of the city – and the cause of their deaths is unclear. Dana Romanov, a resident of Nahariya, addressed the frightening sight in a conversation with a mako reporter.

“I went out into the street in the morning and saw many starlings lying dead on the sidewalk,” she recalled. “It’s an insanely unpleasant sight. Very strange. I’ve never encountered anything like this in my life. It’s scary and stressful.” Romanov documented the dead starlings and called the municipality’s 106 hotline to report it.

Many residents of the “Green Nahariya” neighborhood, the focus of the incident, estimated that the starlings died as a result of fatigue, strong winds or even panic. Ilan, a resident of the neighborhood, thought that the small birds might even have been poisoned.

“There is a large landfill in the area,” he explained. “It could very well be that they ate poisonous things and when they got to the city, they fell and died. I very much hope that someone did not disperse poison and cause their death. The incident left quite a few frightened residents. It is not pleasant to leave the house and see such a spectacle.”

Many residents turned to the Nature and Parks Authority and city officials and drew their attention to the matter. Ofer Yaakov, inspector of the Nature and Parks Authority, was called to the scene from the streets and collected dozens of carcasses of starlings. “A citizen who was walking in the area reported the incident to the inspector of the Nature and Parks Authority,” the inspector explained. “I arrived at the scene and found 30 dead starlings on the ground, along with another 20 collected by the municipality.”

The Nature and Parks Authority said that the day before, another 15 dead starlings had been collected from the city streets. The carcasses were taken for examination at the veterinary bureau and the cause of death is being investigated. It was also reported that the possibility that the birds were indeed poisoned is being examined

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Thousands of dead fish wash up in a river in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Thousands of fish were found dead, floating in a river, this Wednesday morning (10) in Joinville, in the North of Santa Catarina.

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Thousands of dead fish found in the Prai River in Malaysia

Fish Kill Alert

A police report has been lodged against a factory along the Prai River here after thousands of dead fish, including catfish and spotted scats, surfaced.

Seberang Prai city councillor P. David Marshel said residents in Taman Kimsar alerted authorities to the problem on Tuesday afternoon (Feb 9).

He said Prai assemblyman Dr P. Ramasamy, who is also Deputy Chief Minister II, and councillor K. Jason Raj arrived at the scene and found the riverbank covered with dead fish.

“The council’s Crisis Department was immediately alerted.

“Water samples and fish carcasses were taken to the Department of Environment (DoE) for tests.

“The cause of the deaths is still unknown, but we received information regarding the release of untreated water into the river by a factory operating beside it.

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3,000 pigs killed due to swine fever in Hong Kong

Hong Kong authorities ordered the culling of all 3,000 pigs in a herd after the African swine fever (ASF) virus was discovered to be spreading for the first time in one of the city’s farms.

The disease, which is harmless to humans, is very rare in Hong Kong. The last outbreak in 2019 was due to pigs that were imported from the mainland and resulted in the culling of 10,000 pigs.

The new outbreak was discovered on a farm in the rural Yuen Long area, in the north near the mainland China border.

African swine fever is endemic on the mainland, where it devastated farms in 2018 and 2019, and has caused significant damage again this winter.

Hong Kong’s Agriculture and Fisheries Department, which is overseeing an investigation of the outbreak, said that the virus was limited to the one farm and that the owner would be compensated.

Hong Kong has about 43 pig farms, accounting for 15% of its live pig supplies, according to a Feb. 5 report by the United States Department of Agriculture.

“Members of the public do not need to be concerned,” the Agriculture and Fisheries Department said in a statement on Tuesday, adding that the overall supply of live pigs from other sources could make up the supply.

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