Dozens of dead dolphins wash up in Andalusia, Spain

Photo Illustration

Almeria has suffered a wave of dolphin strandings on its shores over the past week. The Civil Guard has collaborated with Equinac (a non-profit organization to address turtle and cetacean strandings) to investigate the event that could be caused by Morbillivirus, a virus lethal to dolphins but not transmissible to humans.

The coordinator of this group, Eva Morón, explained to the local media that they do not yet have sufficient evidence to say so, as they have little means to do necropsies and are asking MITECO (Ministry for Ecological Transition and demographic challenge) for help. So far only two necropsies have been performed on two dolphins.

This wave of dolphins has left many specimens dead or close to death in: Mojácar, Balanegra, Garrucha and Punta Entinas. Unfortunately, not only have dolphins been affected but there has also been a stranding of a loggerhead turtle in Almerimar and a dry shark in Carboneras, which appeared with part of the needle of a swordfish stuck in the eye.

Among all these dolphins it has been possible to see how some of them had in their bodies several cuts caused by humans and even in some cases had engraved the name of a person on their body. That is why an investigation has been opened with the command of the Civil Guard of Almería.

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