Dozens of dead octopuses was up on beaches in Arica, Chile

Octopus Alert

Photo Illustration

Dozens of dead octopuses and fish washed up on Arica beaches , in breakers and marshes.

For this reason, personnel from the Ministry of Health went to the El Planchón sector, south of the city, to collect samples of seawater and the affected fauna .

The teams went to the site after the complaint from third parties , including shellfish divers in the area.

Beatriz Chávez, Minister of Health, explained that samples were taken in different sectors .

Some of them will be sent to Santiago in order to carry out “physical-chemical, microbiological” analysis to determine the possible presence of toxins.

“This is a place where the Marine Toxin Program usually works, with three toxins that are identified,” said the seremi through a statement.

“We want to know what is the reason for the death of these species. This sector helps our fishermen and shellfish a lot. We are going to work to find out what the real reason for the loss of these species is, ”said Mayor Roberto Erpel.

The seremis of the Environment, Pablo Bernar; of Economy, Cristian Sayes; and the regional director of Sernapesca, Christian de la Barra.

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