Dozens of starlings fall dead from sky in Nahariya, Israel

Bird Alert

A chilling sight was discovered in recent days in the city of Nahariya: Dozens of dead starlings took to the streets in the southeast of the city – and the cause of their deaths is unclear. Dana Romanov, a resident of Nahariya, addressed the frightening sight in a conversation with a mako reporter.

“I went out into the street in the morning and saw many starlings lying dead on the sidewalk,” she recalled. “It’s an insanely unpleasant sight. Very strange. I’ve never encountered anything like this in my life. It’s scary and stressful.” Romanov documented the dead starlings and called the municipality’s 106 hotline to report it.

Many residents of the “Green Nahariya” neighborhood, the focus of the incident, estimated that the starlings died as a result of fatigue, strong winds or even panic. Ilan, a resident of the neighborhood, thought that the small birds might even have been poisoned.

“There is a large landfill in the area,” he explained. “It could very well be that they ate poisonous things and when they got to the city, they fell and died. I very much hope that someone did not disperse poison and cause their death. The incident left quite a few frightened residents. It is not pleasant to leave the house and see such a spectacle.”

Many residents turned to the Nature and Parks Authority and city officials and drew their attention to the matter. Ofer Yaakov, inspector of the Nature and Parks Authority, was called to the scene from the streets and collected dozens of carcasses of starlings. “A citizen who was walking in the area reported the incident to the inspector of the Nature and Parks Authority,” the inspector explained. “I arrived at the scene and found 30 dead starlings on the ground, along with another 20 collected by the municipality.”

The Nature and Parks Authority said that the day before, another 15 dead starlings had been collected from the city streets. The carcasses were taken for examination at the veterinary bureau and the cause of death is being investigated. It was also reported that the possibility that the birds were indeed poisoned is being examined

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