Hundreds of dead birds found on beaches in Novorossiysk, Russia

Residents of Novorossiysk sound the alarm: all the beaches of the city are strewn with carcasses of dead birds. The Novorossiys have never seen such a number of bird corpses on the shore.

The townspeople have removed the new embankment of the city, strewn with dead birds.

On February 28, residents of the Vostochny District cleaned up the rubbish on the Volochaevsky beach. Activists report that they found about 200 carcasses on the shore.

The residents of Novorossiysk noticed that an oily film, very similar to oil products, was stretched across the sea in Shirokaya Balka. And on the shore – the same picture – dead birds.

A terrible sight can be observed throughout the city – on the Sudzhuk Spit, in the water area of ​​the Tsemesskaya Bay next to the cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov”, in Dyurso, in Myskhako. It is noteworthy that all these beaches are buried in garbage – plastic, household waste.

Local residents are concerned about the massive death of birds. The situation was commented on by the head of the commission for the protection and study of natural ecosystems in the North-West Caucasus of the Novorossiysk branch of the Russian Geographical Society Anton Popovich.

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