Hundreds of dead birds found on beaches in Norway

Images of hundreds of dead woodcocks in Norway’s North Sea are a sad reminder that cold and snowy storms have dire consequences for our wildlife. As reported last February through the social networks The Woodcok Network – a bird banding project located in the United Kingdom and commanded by experts Miguel Minondo and Jaannus Aua-, there has been a massive death of woodcocks in the area from Satabvanger, in Norway , due to the low temperatures they have had to cope with due to the cold wave that hits northern Europe.

‘Many birds may have already crossed the North Sea to avoid starvation. This fact occurs on some occasions, the last about 10 years ago, and although it is distressing, it does not seem to have a long-term impact on the total population of woodcocks ”, both experts say about this fact that they qualify as“ punctual ”.

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