Mass die off of sea creatures wash up on beach in the Hague, Netherlands

Fish Kill Alert

A stormy wind from the north caused high waves on Monday and Tuesday and that caused nuisance along the coast. In Castricum, even beach houses and a pavilion went up in the air.

Now it appears that many different types of sea creatures have also become children of the bill. Although this is not uncommon. “Sea creatures like this wash ashore more often after such a violent storm as we had on Tuesday,” says ecologist Serena Rivero of the North Sea Foundation. “These animals come from the bottom of the sea. They dig themselves into that, that’s their habitat actually. If the soil is then ploughed by such a storm, then they can wash ashore.”

According to Serena, it’s okay that this is happening now. It’s all part of the ecosystem. “You see that such large groups of fish that wash ashore are often a feast for birds.”

It can also happen that fish and sea creatures wash ashore that have something wrong with them. For example, porpoises often wash ashore when they are sick. And seahorses can occasionally have trouble swimming against the current and therefore wash up.

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